5 Reasons To Have A Good Social Media Marketing Strategy

5 Reasons To Have A Good Social Media Marketing Strategy

In today’s very digital business landscape, any growing business that wants to build and sustain long-term success must have a strong social media presence. Social media provides businesses with immediate connection to their competition and customers and it also serves as a flexible platform to grow a great brand identity. And while most business owners realize these valuable benefits of social media, they still often make the mistake of not prioritizing social media in their overall marketing strategy. If you’re on the fence about dedicating your business marketing resources to social media, here are 5 big reasons to have a solid social media marketing strategy in place, instead of just winging it:

1. The Right First Impression

The biggest reason you should have a solid social media marketing strategy in place is for the sake of making the right first impression, which is absolutely fundamental for success. Your current and potential customers are all using social media in some way and when they arrive at any of your social media profiles they will either like what they see or be disappointed and underwhelmed. When you don’t have a solid strategy in place, you’re more likely than not to end up with the latter. To save yourself from losing valuable customers, implementing a smart, pre-planned social media marketing strategy helps you to present a consistently positive first impression for your business online.

2. Build Momentum (And A Following) Quickly

Another huge reason to have a solid social media marketing strategy in place, rather than just going at it blindly, is because it gives you a reliable plan to follow that is consistent and helps you build momentum right from your first social media post. This is so important in social media because social media users love to follow established brands that provide quality posts on a consistent basis, and it is one marketing method that truly requires sustained engagement. If you invest in a solid strategy and give it the attention it deserves, you’ll build a sizable following before you know it.

3. A Happier, More Decisive Marketing Team

An unexpected benefit of having a solid social media marketing strategy in place is that it helps whoever is in charge of your company’s marketing make decisions more efficiently and thus lower any indecision and stress. And if your business structure is on the lean side and you’re the person responsible for social media updates along with several other business responsibilities, a solid social media marketing strategy takes the guesswork out of the equation and allows you to approach your goals with a more positive, confident mindset than if you didn’t have one.

4. Purpose And Direction

Who is in your ideal social media audience? What tone of voice represents your brand best? What type of content will you post? How often will you update? These are just a few questions you leave unanswered when you don’t have a social media marketing strategy. You can certainly learn these things over time, but it’s only when you approach your business’ social media with a defined strategy that you’ll have the purpose and direction you need for long-term success in the digital space.

5. Proven ROI

Above any other reason, probably the best reason to have a solid social media marketing strategy is because doing so leads to a greater return on your marketing investment. Social media can quickly open doors to countless business opportunities and connections, which your business simply can’t harness without a solid social media marketing strategy.
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